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Strategies for Bringing in Balance

We are living in interesting times. For sure. What fascinates is the moral, ethical, spiritual, political overlays.

As we navigate these days, the question I often hear is how do we persist? What are the strategies for staying sane when truth is fake and fake is truth, when victims are portrayed as bullies, and bullies as victims?

I start with hope and that is partially due to seeing women all over the world standing up, staying strong, reclaiming their power and their sexuality. Plus, I hear men supporting those women.

Clearly when inequality and imbalance are prevalent, a correction has to happen. The world can not function forever in imbalance. At some point we will find it.

The best way to get there, in my opinion, is to bring balance into our own lives. In every way we can.

That is not easy when powerful vortexes are pulling us away. Yet it is possible.

In my experience finding more and more balance is the only way to stay sane and steady as we navigate these interesting times.

Above is a video where I share some mindfulness techniques to bring balance and alignment into your life.


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