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Transforming pain to pleasure through your body's wisdom...


Empowerment Guide

Bear Witness Hand Bell
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After a great life, so far, I have come to a place where my relationship to energy, my energy, your energy, the energy in things, is so alive and exciting.


By listening to energy, by seeing energy in and around, by feeling what is behind the energy, I can guide you to your own knowing.  What I have, anyone can have.


In coming to know my desires, by witnessing my traumas and pains I have found enormous pleasure and success in transformation from being a victim to empowered.


We humans have immense ability to heal, to grow. All healing is in service of our connecting to one another and to the planet and ultimately to the universe.  We get to thrive.  That is our destiny.


I am a two spirit woman, who is moving out of retirement and into service of others. If you want to transform your pain and move with pleasure and love,


Let me guide you.


My life has many varied experiences. Through grass roots activism, I have helped bring great impact on social change, most especially, marriage equality for gays and lesbians. Also in the realm of energy (the sort that we plug into to run appliances), I participated in shifting attitudes around nuclear power and fossil fuels towards solar and other alternative energies. 


Spiritually, practices have varied too.  Starting with Siddha Yoga meditation, Hatha Yoga asanas then moving into learning Cheng Man' ching's tai chi form and two person practices.  I have studied taoism and tantra with Layla Martin.


My love of guiding clients in personal sessions comes through the rigorous training of Layla Martin's Tantric Institute for Integrated Sexuality  -in a year plus long, 600 hour Sex Love and Relationship certification program.  In which I got lots of practice working with clients and a deeper understanding of how to work with energy, breath, pleasure, pain, trauma and spirit guides. 

Since my training integrates sex, sexuality and healing through sexual energy I invite clients to allow that part of them into the process.  Does sex have to be involved?  No.  However, being able to honor and  bring in this core aspect of our primal nature,  helps expedite the healing journey. Working with our core nature enables us to go deep and find expansion, freedom and empowerment in exquisite ways.  

Please also note that while I work in lots of areas of one's life, when dealing directly with sexuality and sexual practices there is no explicit sexuality, no nudity and no touching. Yet there is openness and comfort around all sorts of sex and sexuality.  


Magic happens in my sessions.  In a short time we can move from a place of pain into a place of pleasure.  Clients share, they receive profound healing and transformative insights through collaborating with me.


It is always an honor to listen and hold safe space for people, and you could be one of them. 

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