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Sound is an ancient, present and powerful path to balance and healing.


By allowing ourselves to express what we feel with sound we permit our bodies, heart and mind, to shift and clear old patterns. If we are not vocalizing, listening works.


The recordings I offer here are unique. They are clearings, by listening to them you have the opportunity to connect to the energy behind each one.


Each is created with a thought or emotions felt and expressed through playing Tibetan Singing bowls, a bell, a had made rattle, and the sounds which come through my body.


Part of what the bowls, bell, rattle and voice offer is a primal, ancient technique. It is not for everybody and that is cool, there is something else out there. For those who resonate, please take advantage of this offer by adding your name to the list to receive notices when a new recording is made.


Below are two samples. You can start getting recordings by clicking "Receive" below to a link to our SoundCloud library. You are encouraged to download and listen to on repeat.


Repeat listening is quite helpful in clearing an emotion’s grip, or amplifying it to get to know it better.

Bringing In The Day - Bari Shamas
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Grief - Bari Shamas
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