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Gaining Perspective

These days I spend a lot of time meditating.  Seems like a good way to approach what looks like catastrophic times.  Although going inwards does not appear on the surface as soaring above, the perspective and clarity meditation brings does bring hope.

In these dark and transformative times, finding ways to integrate body, mind and spirit is necessary if you want an easeful shift.  Meditation is a great way to gain that.

Create Your Own Soaring Adventures by going inwards Come join me and others as we meditate online Noon Eastern Time

Weekdays Monday - Friday.   I lead Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Contact me for how to enter the meditation chapel

  • Writer's pictureBari Shamas

Recently, in a conversation about how I spend time, I shared I read the news a lot plus do this and that. The man I spoke with, wondered how I stay cheerful when I spend a fair amount of time reading the news.

I see disturbing actions. I hear people, and the news media, lamenting about how awful people are. Personally, I like the view from high above. .

There are something like 5 BILLION people on this planet and millions and billions are kind and loving and good souls. Really, most everyone. We just hear about the cruel, hate filled, minority.

In a course taught by Sally Kempton around tantra, she introduced a poem by astrophysicist Katie Mack, titled Go Back.

Please enjoy the movie which I made from reading the poem.


While I know the importance of working to create a more loving,

healthy planet,

it is important let us remember where we came from.

Love, and some interstellar dust.

  • Writer's pictureBari Shamas

Tai Chi teaches - Don’t resist, don’t insist.

Though I am a student of Tai Chi, claiming the title “Healer” is something I have resisted.

No more.

Many years of participating in my own healing, physical, spiritual and emotional, has guided me ~ to guide you.

I heal (you too…repeat after me…I heal)

Using deep listening, and curiosity without judgement, allows for reframing and inspiring understandings to arise.

I heal

We all have wounds. My bear spirit guide, along with you, guides you to know the best way to move through wounds with compassion. The important direction is to find movement of energy. Sometimes that means making space for what is.

I heal

We all have energy centers, known as chakras in the Tantric tradition. Our root connects us to our base instincts and to the earth. Our sacral area is our sexual, creative center. Our Solar Plexus gut area to our fire and gut instincts. Our heart to love, the greatest elixir of all. Our throat to our voice, being heard and connected to others. Our third eye, is also the center of our brain in our pineal gland, connecting us to our endocrine system as well as the mystical. Our Crown, above our heads connecting us to the divine nature of universal consciousness, the source of all knowledge and understanding.

I heal

What makes working with me and Bear spirit energy unique is our ability to hear and feel energy. To give voice and sound to blockages and truths. To connect and go inside your energy field to discover with you, what direction to go to give you what you desire.

I heal

If you have a desire to be free of pain, fear, confusion …

I heal

Payment: My preference is for you to pay me what you feel your worth per hour is.  You are investing in yourself.  Or if you prefer you can go by the set prices on the Offerings page of my website. (Link in Bio.)

No matter what you pay, you will receive full attention, energy and guidance.

I heal.

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