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"Go Back" A poetic response

Recently, in a conversation about how I spend time, I shared I read the news a lot plus do this and that. The man I spoke with, wondered how I stay cheerful when I spend a fair amount of time reading the news.

I see disturbing actions. I hear people, and the news media, lamenting about how awful people are. Personally, I like the view from high above. .

There are something like 5 BILLION people on this planet and millions and billions are kind and loving and good souls. Really, most everyone. We just hear about the cruel, hate filled, minority.

In a course taught by Sally Kempton around tantra, she introduced a poem by astrophysicist Katie Mack, titled Go Back.

Please enjoy the movie which I made from reading the poem.


While I know the importance of working to create a more loving,

healthy planet,

it is important let us remember where we came from.

Love, and some interstellar dust.


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