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Sound and Spring

Whether it feels like an electric current or purr of pleasure, sound changes our lives


“I’m overwhelmed by the beauty of the music, the drama—and the sound of the human voice. It’s like an electrical current.”  Honorable Ruth Bader Ginsberg, aka notorious RBG

Sound, whether emanating from the human body or an other instrument, has potential to transform.

Sometimes it feels like an electric current, sometimes it is a hacking cough, sometimes it is the purring of pure vibrations coming from your soul.

No doubt about it, sound vibrations heal and transform our lives.

Today, I offer to you a recording from my Tibetan singing bowl along with some springtime images. This magical bowl can speak directly to hearts and souls.

If you would like to explore more with sound, sounding, expressing with your voice and body, schedule a free curiosity and discovery session. Together we can go to magical places.

Sessions are conducted online, with options to see each other or audio only. No matter where you are we can connect.


Hope you enjoy taking a minute to listen to the Tibetan Singing Bowl and spend a few moments with natures beauty.

With love,



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