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Life is such a journey Bear Witness to Gradually Gradually

Updated: Jun 28, 2018

Nearly four years ago, I experienced a life earthquake.  Feeling a shaken sense of everything and witnessing losses of: family, friends, communities, home, pets and at times the belief in my own good health - all taking me into deep grief , isolation, and loneliness.

The one thing I did not lose was the belief in the power of the body and mind to heal.  With in nine months, I had the good fortune of meeting, over the internet, Layla Martin.  She introduced systemic, integrated and integral ways of connecting sex, and sexual energy process of healing my whole mind, body and spirit.  She created space, forming tribes of woman, from around the world, to share in this desire to heal wounds using sexual energy. Her approach resonated. It uses the whole of us as we journey in life.  

What, you may ask, is sexual healing?  Simply stated, it is taking the pleasurable sensations one may generate through touch, movement, sound,  fantasy, in solo or partnered sexual “play”, and bringing the pleasure sensations to areas that are in pain.  Physical or emotional pain.  

You may wonder, what happens when we don’t find sex to be pleasurable?  Which is the case for millions of people.  If you want, that can be healed and changed.

How?  Bringing in mindfulness  Being aware and able to articulate the sensations.  For instance, do those sensations correspond to a memory, a feeling, a sense?  Through my training in Tantra and Tao, I experienced the great wisdom and effectiveness in watching, accepting, embracing of everything that arises.  The painful sensations bridged with compassion, understanding, love, forgiveness and pleasure create new neuronal paths.  

The focus is in rewiring the brain.  Our bodies are pleasure seeking organisms.  When we are able to bridge and create new neuronal pathways, our pleasure can lead pain down a different path. Instead of pain returning to pain, it goes into a totally different place of joy, peace and balance.  

Is this easy?  Yes and no.  Yes because, you will feel and see progress, each time we move along on the healing, physical, emotional and spiritual journey.  No - because takes time, your patience, and courage to get through. I do believe, as soon as you start, you will come closer to your core essence.

Does sex have to be involved?  No.  However, being able to honor and bring in this core aspect of your primal nature, helps expedite the healing journey. You working with your core nature enables you to go deep and find expansion, freedom and empowerment in exquisite ways.  

This is a journey.  As in most journeys, it is helpful to have a guide.  Both the Bear spirit, which comes along with me, and I,  are here to guide you on that journey.

Give it a try.  

I offer a 30-60 min free Curiosity and Discovery session. As I begin to grow my practice, I am able to negotiate my fee based upon your ability to pay.  

Sessions are conducted online, with options to see each other or audio only. No matter where you are we can connect. 

I would love to hear your thoughts, your stories and questions.

It would be an honor to discuss and get curious around any of this with you


With love and tenderness,


PS.  Fortunately much of that which was lost, has been found again.  Another gift of time and practice.


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