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Libby -

Speaking her name - hearing her laugh - is to know kindness

Libby - her name and laugh tell her story. Being in her presence is an opportunity to know true kindness. We are all, who have the opportunity to spend time with Libby, better people.

Every Wednesday morning I gather with other folks in my community to walk in our extended neighborhood. Often without trails and trekking through the woods. These folks, and Libby is among them and one of the originators of the weekly walk, are an intrepid group. No matter the temperature, and in almost every condition, (pouring rain the exception.) a group walks on Wednesday morning. I am blessed to be among them.

Many are in their early to late 80’s. They are an inspiring group.

One of the aspects of what makes Libby special is her listening. I posit that her life long compromised hearing (I believe she only hears out of one ear and has had that challenge all her life.) has taught her to be a careful listener. What an example she is. When Libby listens you know you are being heard, and seen. That alone allows people to feel good and the circle of connection based upon trust of being seen and heard goes back to Libby because we all love being in her presence.

This email is dedicated to her. Please enjoy the documentary, posted with permission from the film maker.

On another note, my website now has a journal page with more regular posts.

Check it out.

While you are there check out my offerings. Sessions with me can be profound and magical.

Sincerely with love,



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