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Growling Bear rolling down stone steps

Growling Bear rolling down stone steps.


There it is, in one sentence, my day with the Goddess Kali


For me - consciousness awakens me through a concentration of energy behind my breast bone and then releasing with sound.


Sometimes the sound sounds like a language

Sometimes like Chinese,

others like Korean

or American Indian - maybe Sioux


Maybe it is no language at all. Only vibrations needing expression


On this day, it was clearly an angry Bear


Me, standing in my kitchen

Growling deep for a while

as an

Angry Bear


My dog, looking at me.

Then in an instant - Bear completes growling

I am returned to only me

My dog comes and get hugs

feeling safe and knowing all is ok


Later in the day

I fell down stone steps


As I fell I saw my glasses, landed a ways a way half way down,

then, I think - I am still falling


Just for an instant though - because my cheek bone landed on the patio and the beaded necklace, that I made as a kid, broken - poured all the tiny beads down.


Miraculously I did not break any bones

Only bruised my knees, shoulders, elbows and a toe.

Each bearing the impact of my body as it tumbled down these steps.


So what is the message Kali?

Was it karma releasing?


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