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For the Love of Family

Who doesn’t love a good story?

Well Bear and I have a great one.

Wednesday, Feb. 13, Stories starting at 7pm

Next Stage Arts, Putney Vermont

I will be one of the featured story tellers.

The theme:

What we do for love.

My story:

For the love of family; a story of alternative insemination, marriage, divorce and and the surprise of getting to know the unknown.

It is moving, funny, and an inspiring story

If you can not join us at the Fables Story Telling event, and you want to experience this fabulous upcoming story, look for a link to its podcast in an upcoming post.

With love

Bari and Bear

PS Since I reference this historical moment, I include here a clip of Irene’s testimony at the joint Senate and House Judiciary Committee hearings in the well of the Vermont State House. I left in the testimony afterwards to give you a flavor of what her testimony was sandwiched between.


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