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Counting Blessings

Moving from despair to gladness

If, like me, you look at the news and feel despair.  Or perhaps, you have circumstances in your life that you would like to be different and your efforts to change have not been successful which causes you to feel depressed or down.  

Fortunately there is way, which you may even know, to flip the sensations of despair or depression.  That is counting your blessings.  Feeling gratitude.

In the video linked here I share musings on this practice. 

I can also share that when I recently fell down the stone stairs, the one thing that broke was a beaded necklace.  It had been made either by me or someone in my family when we all made lots and lots of beaded necklaces in the 70’s.  

The beads from the necklace I collected in three different sittings at the base of the stairs, where I landed.  Then placed them in a cup.  They are waiting for another ritual.  In the meantime, I counted 144 beads and I used that number to list  in three columns of 48 a total of 144 blessings I am grateful for.

The number likely does not matter,  however  this practice to turn around a moment and a day is highly recommended.

If you have tried this or are curious about this practice, I would love to hear your thoughts or have an opportunity to answer any of your questions.   

Sincerely and with love and curiosity,



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Sessions are conducted online, with options to see each other or audio only. No matter where you are we can connect. 

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