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Bear Witness on Changing Direction, Challenges and Choice

Perhaps you have spent some time on my site and got a feel for the Bear Spirit.  I hope so.  May I also invite you into learning other aspects about me.

On this life journey, one activity I find myself doing, is fine tuning my body to sound and vibrations.  Though I may be loosing hearing to the spoken word, my ability to hear questions, that will lead to great and deep understanding into you and your body, has greatly increased.  

Part of how to do that is to be vulnerable.  You may notice on the videos I post, there is little or no editing of these musings.  What you see is the raw me sharing a thought process.  I bring my wild messy hair, dirt under my fingernails and some ums. 

Pauses too.  There is so much to learn in the space between.  Also, there is a huge well of information in those pauses. We find, when we are in a safe container, where vulnerability in not just permitted it is encouraged, that truth and insights emerge. 

In creating a safe space, in getting curious, in allowing  clients body’s wisdom to lead, the sessions are usually deeply profound.  We discover pathways that are already there, beautiful and exciting to move along.  Even often magical.  

Not the slight of hand, trickery type of magic.  More of the apparation sort, where you move from where you are to where you want to be, in a slightly awkward yet very swift manner. 

Since we are living in times, where and when we are called to summon courage for rapid change of direction, the experiences I have had, will help guide you.  

I offer a 30-60 min free Curiosity and Discovery session. Please know also, I offer a discount to people who are volunteering for a new political world.  

Sessions are conducted online, with options to see each other or audio only. No matter where you are we can connect. 



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